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Welcome to the Spilling Energy Blog: Here you will find analyses and backgrounds, reports and assessments that are intended to help decision-makers and doers in industry and business move forward. The more than 100-year-old operating principle of the Spilling steam piston engine, and its variations, the Spilling steam compressor and the Spilling gas expansion engine, are more up-to-date than ever. No matter whether it is the chemical, paper or wood industry, waste incineration, steel processing, food production or for example the textile industry, no branch of industry can do without energy. Everywhere raw material saving, energy efficiency and CO2 reduction play an increasingly important role. In short, this is where we show where Spilling makes steam everywhere with highly efficient piston engines and turbines.

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Steam recycling / heat pump

Steam remains the ideal heating medium

Steam is more topical than ever, it is the ideal heat carrier in many branches of industry. With the help of industrial heat pumps, steam recycling is often possible.

Gas expansion engines

Gas expansion has proven itself over decades in power generation through energy recovery. The technology has been consistently developed further and offers even more potential for savings.

Environment and technology

With high-tech and commitment to nature and the environment

Full steam ahead against climate change. There are numerous ways to achieve better energy efficiency. An analysis of industrial processes provides ample starting points for improving the energy balance.

Newest article

Photo to the article No energy turnaround without energy efficiency
20. October 2020

No Energy turnaround without energy efficiency

Particularly in the question of energy system transformation and the desired decarbonization of energy supply, there is often talk of openness of technology.

But do we really have a choice?

by Dr. Heiko Dittmer
A gas expansion engine uses excess pressure that occurs, for example, when natural gas is delivered to the municipal utilities
16. August 2020

Excess gas pressure becomes electricity

In times of climate change, politics, business and society are sensitized to all aspects of efficient energy use. Not simply letting existing excess pressure energy go to waste, but using it sensibly was and is a central theme for Spilling. Decades ago, we developed a technology that is very interesting and economically worthwhile for municipal utilities that offer gas, electricity and heat to their customers - natural gas expansion with piston expansion engines.

by Rainer Pregla
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