Steam Compression

Save resources with steam compression and recycling.

Spilling steam compressors offer the most diverse industrial users targeted solutions to recycle excess steam to a useable pressure level and so save resources. Here the piston compressor with its flexible, modular design construction can be adjusted optimally to meet customer-specific requirements depending on the steam mass flow and compression ratio.

Spilling recover excess low pressure steam and converts it into utilisable high pressure steam.
Industrial processes such as e.g. exothermal production processes where large amounts of low pressure steam occur that can not be used further are common. It is worthwhile contemplating recycling the steam using steam compression, because that means that an additional generation of live steam with the required pressure would become obsolete. Instead of discharging exhaust steam after a heat process, it is compressed to achieve utilisable pressure and made available for reuse.

Spilling makes high pressure steam with a high pressure level available – without installing an additional boiler unit.
Optimal fields of application for Spilling steam compressors can also be in companies, whose steam generation is dimensioned for the principal load and has a respective pressure. These applications include e.g. loads that require, continuously or only for a short interval, small amounts of high pressure steam that has a higher pressure level than the remaining steam supply.
In many of these cases it can be more advantageous to make high pressure steam available by compressing steam out of the existing steam system than to install an additional steam boiler or even design the entire steam network to satisfy the high steam pressure level.  
sction drawing of Spilling steam compressor

The application areas of Spilling steam compression units include

  • Recovery of excess steam for thermal processes 
  • Exothermal processes in chemical or petrochemical industries 
  • High pressure steam injection in processes 
  • Availability of steam with higher pressure above the pressure level of the steam generator  
single stage operated steam compressor as piston compressor for gas field installation

Application example 1:

Steam injection in the combustion chamber of a gas turbine to reduce the NOX values in the exhaust gas flow.
steam compressor unit for waste steam recovery in petrochemical industry

Application example 2:

Recovery of steam from an exothermal process to supply high pressure steam to heat exchangers in the petrochemical industry.

Your Benefits

  • Individually customised compressor configuration
  • Reduced fuel use due to steam recycling 
  • Integrated plants planned and constructed on the basis of many years of extensive experience

Spilling steam compressors are suitable for

Steam mass flows from 1 to approx. 20 t/h
Inlet pressures from >1 to approx. 60 barg 
Discharge pressures up to 70 barg
Compression pressure ratios up to max. 6

Services and Accessories

The Spilling delivery and services offering ranges from single compressors to complete plants concepts including planning, assembly and initial start-up all according to your requirements. Also the application-specific dimensioning, the drive with variable rated speed and frequency inverter, piping and fitting as well as electric, control and safety technology are part of the Spilling range.

If you would like to receive a dimensioning concept or a quote, please use our Spilling inquiry.
Spilling service and assembly, flywheel of steam compressor unit
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