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Steam recycling / heat pump

Steam remains the ideal heating medium

Not only amateurs associate steaming technology with rather classic ships, the steam locomotive or even the classic film, the Feuerzangenbowle with Heinz Rühmann. The modern magic of digitization and modern industrial worlds is less conceivable. And yet - steam is as current as ever, not only in conventional power plants, but also as an aid to most branches of industry. Where spilling makes steam everywhere and how it is recycled is to be described in this section.

In the production of paper, recycled steam can save a great deal of money.


The range of applications for industrial drying is wide: It is used for drying sawdust for pellet production, plants (residues) for animal feed production, pulp drying, sewage sludge drying or the production of wood chips. Often enough, industrial product drying proves to be a very energy-intensive process.

by Angela Kroeger
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