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Gas expansion engines

Recovering valuable energy from excess pressure instead of letting it fizzle out literally is the field of application for gas expansion. What is to be considered, how technology is evolving in times of digitization and Industry 4.0 and what enormous savings potential is lurking here is to be examined in this section.

A gas expansion engine uses excess pressure that occurs, for example, when natural gas is delivered to the municipal utilities
16. August 2020

Excess gas pressure becomes electricity

In times of climate change, politics, business and society are sensitized to all aspects of efficient energy use. Not simply letting existing excess pressure energy go to waste, but using it sensibly was and is a central theme for Spilling. Decades ago, we developed a technology that is very interesting and economically worthwhile for municipal utilities that offer gas, electricity and heat to their customers - natural gas expansion with piston expansion engines.

by Rainer Pregla
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