Steam Turbines

The Spilling steam turbine program has been discontinued.

Therefore, Spilling steam turbines are no longer part of our product portfolio!

However, we would like to draw your attention to our alternative solution:

the Spilling steam engines.

In the power range of 100 kW - 1,200 kW, our steam engines offer an excellent option.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Spilling steam turbines: modular technology for customer-specific solutions.

Spilling steam turbines are ideal for the decentral generation of energy and facilitate a wide range of applications for power ranges between 300 to 2,500 kW. They focus on applications that use process heat or regionally available fuels and waste heat sources to generate steam. 

They are ideally suited to use as a

  • back pressure turbine
    for integration in the steam and heat supply in CHP plants for industry and district heating networks 
  • condensing turbine
    for smaller power range/ steam flow rates or for applications with saturated steam

Our steam turbines include single-stage steam turbines in a cantilevered design with an integrated gear unit for simple assembly, simple operation and low operating costs.
Steam turbine in situe

Technical Data

Turbine output  300 to 2,500 kW   
Inlet pressure  up to ~ 65 barg  
Inlet temperature  up to 460 °C   
Discharge pressure Vacuum condensation and back pressure   

An overview of the construction features

  • Power output: up to approx. 2,500 kW 
  • Design: axial turbine 
  • Mode of operation: impulse principle 
  • Overhung design with integrated gear unit 
  • Standardised turbine housing 
  • Project-specific dimensioning of nozzles and impellers 
  • Drive: generator or work machine (pump etc.) 
  • Version with throttle valve or nozzle group control 
  • Set-up as tandem unit also possible

Services and accessories

The range of services provided by Spilling goes far beyond delivering your steam turbine and also includes
  • water-cooled vacuum condensers 
  • heat exchangers to extract district heating 
  • air-cooled condensers >1 bar
  • steam pressure reducing stations
  • switchboards
These additions to the Spilling product line are of course always adapted to suit the requirements of your application. Combined with the comprehensive Spilling know-how of integrating steam turbines in whole systems, the interfaces for Spilling customers can be kept to a minimum. Spilling supplies a corresponding engineering package to integrate the unit into the existing system.
tandem steam turbine set for a biomass power plant

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Technical data
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