Industrial Companies

Industrial companies with high gas purchases have a partner: Spilling.

For many companies energy-intensive production processes or operating gas engine power plants to generate domestic electricity mean that they require their own gas transfer stations that meet the natural gas demands continuously. Here fluctuating load profiles that are to be reckoned with depending on the type of supply processes and the size of the plant. 

In the processes of many companies of the most diverse industrial sectors 

  • excess heat as exhaust heat e.g. from 
  • the steel production 
  • the glass production 
  • chemical processes 
  • gas turbines or gas engine power plants
  • excess heat as
  • steam or hot water

occur, which they must discharge unused into the environment in the worst case.

The optimal prerequisites for operating a gas expansion plant are given when high gas flowrates occur together with excess heat. This means that domestic electricity can be generated besides gaining the heat needed to pre-heat the gas from the operational excess heat using an expansion motor. A properly designed expander plant converts nearly 100% of the heat input into electrical work –  meaning that this electricity is generated without producing additional CO2 emissions.
industrial companies

The application range of Spilling gas expansion plants covers

Gas volume flows from 5,000 to 100,000 Nm³/h
Outputs approx. 100 to 3,000 kW
Inlet pressures from 6 to approx. 60 barg
Outlet pressures from 50 mbar to 25 barg

Your benefits

  • Individually customised expander configurations 
  • Individually tailored power yield at full and partial load due to filling-regulation 
  • Planned and dimensioned as integrated plants based on many years of extensive experience 
  • Utilisation of excess heat to generate CO2 neutral electricity

Services and accessories

The Spilling delivery and services offering ranges from single engines to a complete, application and dimension-specific units to preheat gas including piping, fittings, electrical control and safety technology according to your specifications. Spilling will also gladly deliver, assemble and perform the commissioning of the unit for you.

If you would like to receive a dimensioning concept or a quote, please use our Spilling inquiry.
industrial companies
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