Steam Compressors

The Spilling steam compressor: a unique specialist.

Spilling steam compressors are used everywhere where steam with a higher pressure is to be generated from existing steam using low pressure steam, especially when

  • excess low pressure steam is recovered and is to be converted into useable high pressure steam 
  • high pressure steam is to be compressed to a higher pressure level without installing an additional boiler unit 

Two different compressor series are available, which differ in stroke and nominal speed. Flow rate is controlled by the variable speed drive to handle a wider range of operations.

The good adaptability of the Spilling steam compressor to the most varied steam specifications and its good controllability make it an interesting alternative for many industrial companies to purchasing an additional steam generator. 

The drive concepts for the Spilling steam compressor include

  • three-phase asynchronous motors with frequency converter for good control and smooth start-up 
  • integrated steam engine drive for plants with several steam networks with different pressure stages 
steam compressor water treatment plant in mictroprocessor production plant

Technical Data

Inlet pressures  ≥ 1 barg
Final compression pressure  up to approx. 60 barg
Steam mass flows  approx. 1 to 20 t/h 
Rated speeds  300 - 1,000 min–1 (variable) 

Your Benefits

  • Individual machine configuration 
  • Low wear thanks to low piston speeds and stokes 
  • Robust, safe design 
  • Simple to operate
  • High efficiency due to fuel saving

Services and Accessories 

Spilling steam compressors are the result of decades of experience in constructing steam engines and plants. All elements from the individual compressor to the entire unit with accessories that are required to integrate the compressor into your steam system are supplied. 

If you would like to receive a dimensioning concept or a quote, please use our Spilling inquiry.
single stage steam compressor

An overview of the cunstruction features 

  • Oil-free piston compressor, specially for water vapour 
  • Double-acting compressor in crosshead design 
  • Large control range due to variable speed drive 
  • Multi-stage design depending on compression pressure ratios
  • Modular design enables it to be adapted to a wide range of steam parameters
  • Servicing through customer staff possible
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Technical data 
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Service and accessories
Technical data
Construction features
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Service and accessories

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