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Steam engines and turbines

The technology is over 100 years old, but the use of steam engines and turbines is highly topical - the technological progress is groundbreaking. In this section we report on a wide variety of project examples and best practices in which steam engines and turbines play the main role. There is actually no industry that works without steam and in which the traditional machines can be dispensed with.

There is a lot of potential for energy saving in the incineration of hazardous waste
16. July 2020

How to turn hazardous waste into electricity

The mountains of rubbish are growing. Experts estimate that around 255 million tons of waste are incinerated in about 2200 plants worldwide every year. Due to the legal framework, the proportion of waste incinerated in industrialized countries is significantly higher than in developing countries. In Germany, for example, the TA Siedlungsabfall (Technical Instructions on Municipal Waste) has prohibited the dumping of non-pretreated waste in landfills since June 1, 2005.

by Serap Dogan
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