Application example 2

Recovery of steam from an exothermal process to supply high pressure steam to heat exchanger in the petrochemical industry.

Steam at 9 bar is produced by an exhaust heat steam generator in an exothermal process downstream from the heat exchanger. However, steam of this quality cannot be used in the plant, but a pressure of 21 bar is required for two heat exchanger units. The high pressure steam can either be provided as live steam over a reducing valve from a 32 bar steam mains or the 9 bar excess steam can be compressed using a steam compressor to the required pressure level. 

The choice was the most economic solution from the customer point of view – a Spilling compressor with a medium voltage variable speed drive that can be operated more cost effectively using electricity rather than fossil fuels. 
Spilling steam compressor for waste steam recovery in petrochemical industry

Benefits for the customer

  • Cost saving by using small amount of electricity instead of high quantities of fossil fuels  
Summary of system data

Steam generation
Energy from exothermal process/exhaust heat boiler

Spilling unit
4-cylinder steam compressor with 1-stage compression

Steam throughput 12,000 kg/h
Steam inlet pressure 9 barg 
Steam outlet pressure 21 barg

High pressure steam utilisation
Heat exchange process
Applications steam
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