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23. July 2020
Environment and technology


By Dr. Heiko Dittmer
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  • Power-to-heat concept offers much better energy efficiency
  • A sample calculation for the success concept
  • In comparison, the industrial heat pump

Power-to-heat concept offers much better energy efficiency

Process heat always turns into waste heat. Today, this is used to heat buildings, preheat processes or generate electricity - but with moderate efficiency. That's why we've come up with a power-to-heat concept in which the waste heat is converted back into process heat. The result is much better energy efficiency. If 'green' electricity is available - and this is the core idea of power-to-heat-process, heat is generated without CO2.

A sample calculation for the success concept

The following sample calculation illustrates the successful concept:
One ton of water vapor contains about 700 kWh of heat energy. To evaporate one ton of water in an oil-fired boiler, about 70 liters of oil are needed. The combustion of 70 liters of oil produces about 180 kilograms of CO2. The balance for gas is somewhat more favorable.
A typical water vapor quantity of 10 tons per hour means a heating capacity of 7 MW. This produces around 1.8 tons of CO2/h. With 8,000 h/a full usage hours, more than 14,000 tons of CO2 are produced annually.
If emission rights have to be purchased in the future for 25 €/kg CO2, this costs 350,000 euros per year. This sum can be saved if instead of the oil boiler a heat pump 'recycles' the waste heat of the process to new process steam.
There is also a considerable saving of fuel costs. For 10 t/h of steam over 8,000 h/a almost 60,000 MWh of fuel must be purchased.

In comparison, the industrial heat pump

A heat pump with a COP of 10 generates only 6,000 MWh of electricity. Depending on the ratio of oil or gas price to electricity price, energy costs are saved in the order of one million euros per year.

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Photo to the article No energy turnaround without energy efficiency
20. October 2020

No Energy turnaround without energy efficiency

Particularly in the question of energy system transformation and the desired decarbonization of energy supply, there is often talk of openness of technology.

But do we really have a choice?

by Dr. Heiko Dittmer
With good planning you can save a lot of money thanks to a support program
23. July 2020


The recycling of steam with steam compressors from Spilling is now becoming even more attractive for the industry - their financing is supported in various ways by a funding program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

by Christof Fleischmann

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