Save money and do something for the environment with the high temperature heat pump from Spilling

19. May 2021

With SPILLING steam compressors, the environment and industry win. Energy efficiency is the order of the day!

▪ Reduce the consumption of fossil energy
▪ Save money with a high-temperature heat pump

Steam recycling with Spilling steam compressors brings low-pressure waste steam, for example from industrial cooling processes, to a usable pressure and temperature level with an extremely high degree of efficiency. For every kilowatt hour of electricity used, up to fifteen times the amount of heat energy can be recovered. The process is interesting for numerous sectors and industrial companies.

Advanced steam recycling with SPILLING piston compressors helps to use resources more effectively. With a significant CO2 reduction compared to fossil steam generation.

The ad of the Spilling high temperature heat pump for Oil and Gas
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