High-Temperature Heat Pumps Make Efficiency in Process Heating Come True

15. January 2021

The magazine Oil and Gas Innovation published by Emery Hill Media in London reports about Spilling Technologies in the edition of January 15, 2021. 

Steam is one of the most important heat sources in industrial processes. Its thermodynamic properties, (high thermal capacity, high heat of vaporization and high heat transfer coefficient) make it an ideal heat transfer medium. Whether it is used for heat supply, power generation in thermal power plants, as a propellant, for cleaning or a moistening agent, steam powers, in the fullest sense of the word, many industrial processes. Water is available almost everywhere and at low cost. And of course, water steam is not flammable and is not toxic. Steam-based technologies are very mature and have already been used for decades and in some cases even for more than 100 years. 

In the copy of the magazine the reader will be informed about the enormous potential of piston steam compressors as high temperature heat pump (HTHP).

They explain, how the piston steam compressor from the German company Spilling Technologies  come into play. At a relatively low cost, unusable low-pressure steam can be recycled by vapor compression.

Possibilities for the recycling of excess steam can be found in a wide range of industries: in the chemicals, petrochemicals, paper, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and textiles industries.

The cover of Oil and Gas Innovation from January 15, 2021
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