Steam Engines

The Spilling steam engine: the only one of its kind in the world.

The Spilling steam engine combines the thermodynamic advantages of a filling-controlled steam reciprocating engine with the design features of the modern diesel engine. A unique construction worldwide making the engine a robust and variable power generator. 

The advantages of the Spilling steam engine are particularly significant in heat-driven back-pressure cycles or with varying steam flows .That makes it ideal for use in plants with smaller to medium outputs, e. g. in 

  • combined heat power plants (CHP) 
  • smaller plants that produce electricity from biomass from approx. 2 MW fuel input 
  • waste heat generation units from approx. 2.5 t/h steam mass flow 
  • waste incineration plants and thermal afterburning units 

The Spilling steam engine is also optimal in combination with saturated steam boilers, as well as steam generators with moderate live steam pressures and temperatures. Here the modular design principle of the reciprocating engine permits the flexible adjustment of the expander to suit a wide range of customer requirements. 

Engineered as a single or multi-stage unit, Spilling steam engines can also be adapted optimally to various steam pressure differences. Furthermore, the possibility of separately controlling individual cylinder groups of the engine means that different process steam requirements can be handled using only a single expansion engine. 

The outstanding partial load performance of the Spilling steam engine is achieved by the Spilling filling-regulation. This realises the operation over a wide range almost without pressure losses and so guarantees constant efficiency to large extent.
6-cylinder Spilling steam engine, single stage expansion of saturated steam

Technical Data

Output  from approx. 100 to 1,200 kW 
Rated speed  300 - 1500 min-1
Inlet pressure  from 4 to approx. 60 barg
Back pressure from 0.2 to approx. 15 barg

Your Benefits

  • Optimal output yield at full and partial load due to filling-regulation 
  • Constant efficiency rate over a wide operating range 
  • Moderate feed water treatment requirements 
  • Short delivery times due to modular design 
  • Durable and robust 
  • Simple to operate 
  • Maintenance can be performed by own staff 
  • Deployed in CHP units, the Spilling steam engine ensures a high electricity production due to its optimum efficiency in full and partial load ranges while being tolerant of fluctuating steam conditions

  • Single and multi-stage expansion depending on pressure ratio 
  • Separate control of individual cylinder groups makes it possible to feed steam systems with different consumption levels using only one engine 
  • Volumetric control with integrated base speed control
power output and specific steam consumption

An overview of the design features

  • Oil-free steam expansion engine, double-acting in-line engine, crosshead type 
  • Modular design enables adaptation to widely differing steam mass flow rates and pressure ratios 
  • Configuration of 1 to 6 cylinders, can be combined with 15 different standardised piston diameters 

Services and Accessories

A high-quality engine becomes even more valuable, the more flexible it can react to different situations.

That is why Spilling steam engine units are individually designed for the particular application and configured using standard parts. We supply system accessories matching to your engine and your steam system such as e.g. 

  • Generators
  • Unit controls 
  • Sswitchboards
  • Steam pressure reducing stations
  • Heat exchangers and condensation units
  • Equipment for fully automated operation 

If you would like to receive a dimensioning concept or a quote, please use our Spilling inquiry.
accessories steam engine switchboard and control panel
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Technical data
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