Gas Expansion Engines

The Spilling gas expander: first choice for 40 years.

Gas expansion plants utilise the pressure gradient between natural gas transport networks and the distribution systems or consumers to extract mechanic and electric power.

The Spilling gas expander has been the first choice for a number of utility and industrial companies already since the end of the 1970s. Today companies utilise it than ever before for their plants in Germany and abroad –  its huge operating range, at constant efficiency, makes the engine perfectly suitable for applications in pressure reducing stations with highly varying gas flows.

Today gas expansion plants are the power plant type which exhibits the highest level of conversion efficiency for the electricity. Depending on plant design, 80 - 90% of the additional fuel energy required for the Spilling expansions engine ist converted to electricity. This means that fuel efficiency is far superior to that of the most modern gas and steam power plants.

The Spiling gas expanders are extremly resource-saving in operation and contribute to the overall reduction of CO2 emissions. If waste heat for the preheating is used, the power generation can bring CO2 emissions nearly to zero. The volumetric control guarantees a high power yield due to consistently high efficiency levels over a wide operation range.

That makes the Spilling gas expander an interesting solution to increase operational energy efficiency:

  • for municipal gas supply companies and
  • industrial companies with an in-house gas transfer station. 
gas expansion engine, 4-cylinder gasexpander with ex proof generator unit

Technical Data

Output  from approx. 150 to 3,000 kW 
Rated speed  750, 900, 1,000 min–1
variable rated speeds are possible
Inlet pressure  from 6 to approx. 60 bar 
Discharge pressures  from 50 mbar to 25 bar 
Gas volume flows  from 5,000 to 100,000 Nm³/h 

Your Benefits

  • Optimum output yield at full and partial load due to filling-regulation 
  • Low wear thanks to low piston speeds 
  • Robust, safe design 
  • Simple to operate 
  • High availability 
  • Plant technology from one source

An overview of the construction features 

  • Oil-free steam expansion engine, double-acting in-line engine, crosshead type 
  • Gas-tight, explosion proof design specially for natural gas and other combustible gases 
  • Single and multi-stage expansion depending on expansion pressure ratio
  • Modular configuration of 1 to 6 cylinders per engine and diverse cylinder types for adjusting the unit to a wide variety of gas throughput volumes 
  • Tandem configuration for higher outputs 
  • Maintenance through customer staff possible

Services and Accessories

From the engine to the entire plant – Spilling does the planning, delivery, assembly and initial start-up exactly according to customer requests. This includes the application-specific dimensioned heat exchanger plant as well as the pipework, fittings, electric, control and safety technology.

If you would like to receive a dimensioning concept or a quote, please use our Spilling inquiry.
piping installation for gasexpander, accessories for gas expansion engines like lateral compensators
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Technical data
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Service and accessories
Technical data
Construction features
Your benefits
Service and accessories

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